Broker Price Opinion / Comparative Market Analysis

Equi-Trax Asset Solutions offers the BPOs / CMAs that set the industry standard, because we’re the first major firm in the space to adopt the new BPO standards from the National Association of BPO Providers (NABPOP).

Standard Exterior BPO / CMA
Includes: 3 property photos, area map, MLS photos of comps.

Standard Interior BPO / CMA
Includes: 3 property photos, area map, MLS photos of comps plus additional photos of exterior side yard, back yard and back of house and all interior rooms, including photos of any damage to the property. See a sample of our BPO Interior Product.

Quality Control
Every BPO / CMA runs through our customized 400 data point rules based platform. Each BPO / CMA is then manually reviewed by one of our trained Auditors to ensure that the quality meets our standards. Client-centric rules are then applied. A licensed and certified staff appraiser is available to review each BPO / CMA. Market data reports/Comparative Market Analysis reports provide additional real time data for each order.

Our Partners
We maintain a database of over 25,000 brokers/agents nationwide.  We offer training to our agents through Equi-Trax University and all agents are continually reviewed, rated and performance measured. By distributing our BPO / CMA business to the highest ranked agents we drive the highest levels of consistency and quality in the industry. All Equi-Trax partners have agreed to performance bench marks and service level agreements.

  • A Unique Solution that Raises the Bar for Property Valuation
  • Raising the bar and setting industry standards for collateral valuations has been our stated goal since inception.
  • The quality of our valuation, outstanding service levels and customer support are the cornerstone on which our clients can depend.